CT Imaging

Computed tomography (CT) provides extremely detailed radiographic images. The images can then be enhanced and manipulated to obtain diagnostic information that may not be available through other forms of imaging. CT imaging requires sedation or general anesthesia in animals, but with new technology can be performed in a minimal time.

We are proud to be the first Utah veterinary hospital to offer this type of diagnostic imaging!

CT imaging can be very helpful in diagnosing many processes, including:

  • Brain lesions such as tumors or stroke
  • Herniated intravertebral discs or tumors involving the spinal cord
  • Chronic nasal discharge or tumors of the nasal cavity
  • Tumors of the eye or behind the eye
  • Bone and joint diseases such as elbow dysplasia or bone cancer
  • Chest and lung lesions, including metastatic cancer
  • Liver, spleen, kidney or other abdominal organ tumors


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