At our Veterinary Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, we use many types of chemotherapy to treat many types of cancer. Our hospital has a designated room for administration of chemotherapy, and is equipped with a biological hood for medication preparation, preventing contamination to both staff and patients. Our staff is exceptionally well trained in administration safety and protocol.

Common cancers with which we have extensive experience with include lymphoma (lymphosarcoma), osteosarcoma (bone cancer), mast cell tumors, and bladder cancer.

Dogs and cats are quite tolerant of chemotherapy, much more so than humans, and many respond quite well to treatment. Our goal is to preserve the quality of life for animals while extending their life span.

Please feel free to ask any staff member about the possibilities for chemotherapy for your pet.

Thoughts from a client…


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and your staff. Your kindness, generosity and support have been invaluable!! I knew from day one that we made the right choice for Mojo when we found you. Your optimism gave us hope when we thought there was none. Your support, even through my quirkiest of ideas was fundamental to my sanity. It has been the hardest and most rewarding two and a half years and we cannot thank you enough for giving us time… Time to love, cherish and admire a beautiful creature that has taught us the true meaning of living life to the fullest and loving unconditionally. You are a truly astounding doctor and we are thankful that you found your calling in life! You and your incredible staff made all the difference and we thank you for that.

Thank you for loving Mojo as if he was your own,

Susan, Brian and Isabella Felix

Mojo was grateful for you, too xxoo


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