Additional Services

  • PuppyKitten

    Puppies and Kittens

    Just as with humans, a healthy first year of life for a puppy or kitten requires multiple visits to the doctor. Our Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah is…

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    Information on Common Issues

    Crate training for your puppy Arthritis medications for dogs Arthritis medications for cats Kidney disease in cats

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    One of the most difficult decisions that a pet owner can be faced with is whether or not to euthanize a beloved pet due to health concerns. Here at University…

  • CTImaging1

    CT Imaging

    Computed tomography (CT) provides extremely detailed radiographic images. The images can then be enhanced and manipulated to obtain diagnostic information that may not be available through other forms of imaging.…

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    Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

    We understand that many owners are concerned about the safety of anesthesia for their pet. So is everyone at our animal hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Therefore, we take…

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    Pain Management and Control

    As veterinarians in Salt Lake City, we know the issue of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today. As in human medicine, we have a variety of…

  • Chemotherapy


    At our Veterinary Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, we use many types of chemotherapy to treat many types of cancer. Our hospital has a designated room for administration of…

  • Microchip1

    Microchip Pet Identification

    We highly recommend that every pet receive a microchip. This small device is easily placed and can be very successful in reuniting lost pets with their families. The small microchip…

  • Dentistry


    According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have oral disease by the age of 3. It is the most frequently diagnosed health problem…